Friday, October 7, 2011

October 6, 2011 Rehearsal Notes

This week we reviewed the following:

In sectionals we worked on mm. 111-end of "I Saw Three Ships." We reviewed notes since this is the most difficult section of the song. Barb showed us how to pronounce Christmas using a light tone. We are not flipping the R in Christmas as well as not saying Chreestmas.

We worked on mm. 53-end of "For Unto Us A Child is Born." We started out taking the runs slowly and worked up to a little faster speed. Erin had us emphasize the first note in each grouping within the runs.

We reviewed all of "Go Tell it on the Mountain." We just made sure that we have all of the rhythms right and the dynamics as well.

In SATB we reviewed "I Saw Three Ships," "Peace Like a River," "Homeland," "True Light," "Betelehemu," and "Go Tell it on the Mountain."

Just a reminder that we need soloists for "True Light," so be brave and go to youtube and learn the solo! We need you!!

I would also like to rewish Amy Dierhising a happy birthday and welcome back Christy Holt! Have a great week! See you all next Thursday!

P.S. Remember to review your music at home. This is very important!

~Laura :)