Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rehearsal Summary 27 Jan 2011

Welcome to a new semester!

I take notes in choir each week and post a summary of what happened in the rehearsal. This is probably most useful to people who miss rehearsal, but I think it can be helpful for everyone. I don't know what happened in the Women's sectional so if someone wants to chime in with that information I'd appreciated it.

It's a Grand Night for Singing - In the men's sectional we worked on singing the falsetto sections from 85 to the end. In the combined rehearsal we sang from 53 to the end through once.

Every Knee Should Bow - In the sectional we sight read the first 27 measures. In the combined rehearsal we did the same section. Erin called it speak singing and wanted lots of consonants.

Hosanna - We started by speaking the words in rhythm. We then sang up to measure 36 several times. We worked on dynamics and flipping R's. In the combined rehearsal Erin played a recording of the piece with full orchestra. We sang through up through measure 54. Again, working on dynamics and singing with feeling.

Sure On This Shining Night - We only did this one in sectionals. We worked on letter D up to letter E. The focus was on keeping it light by raising the soft pallet you do when you are surprised. We also sight read from E to the end.

Balm In Gilead - In sectional we worked from the middle of page 5 to the end. Gilead should be sung Gil-e-ud or Gil-e-ahd and not with the short a in apple. In the combined rehearsal we sang from the bottom of page 4 to the end.

Erin said that we are still looking for more tenors so please tell your tenor friends.