Monday, July 5, 2010

Freedom to Vote! :)

It appears the problem has now been fixed. Thanks for your votes.

It appears that the problems we're having with voting and making comments is widespread and Blogger is working on it. For many people, it's showing them as the only voter and it's not tallying votes so please reply to the e-mail with your vote. Thanks for your patience while this issue is being fixed.

Original Post (7/5/10)
I hope you all had a super fun 4th of July weekend! MMC is celebrating Independence Day by having a "vote for your favorite closer piece!" for the Thanksgiving concert/food drive. I'm so excited that we are doing this concert! It will be so much fun to have other community choirs performing with us and it's for a GREAT CAUSE!!!

There is now a place on the sidebar where you can vote for your favorite closer piece - to clarify, the closer piece I'm referring to is for the MMC portion of the concert. The choirs will join together to sing a big closer at the end. I've tried to narrow the list to some type of American Folk song. Please check out the following links and then vote for your favorite! :)

1. Elijah Rock, arr. Moses Hogan (MMC performed in '07) -This is a really interesting version!
2. Witness, arr. Jack Halloran - This is a really cool spiritual and we haven't performed it before!
3. O Sifuni Mungu (MMC performed in '07 & '08) - This is the best one I could find on's missing the percussion and rainforest sounds....ok so it's not an American Folk Song but it includes the hymn "All Creatures of our God and King".
4. I Bought Me a Cat, arr. Copland (MMC performed in '05) - Can't go wrong with Copland
5. Old MacDonald (MMC has not performed this) - This just sounds like fun! I think it'll appeal to all ages.
6. My Soul's Been Anchored in the Lord, arr. Moses Hogan (MMC performed in '05, '06) - This is such a fun song to sing! Are you anchored? :)