Sunday, April 26, 2009


ONLY 2 MORE REHEARSALS! Great rehearsal Thursday. We've still got more progress to make before the concert so stay focused and take good care of yourself! Seriously, if you feel a cold coming on, spray this stuff every 3 hours's amazing! :)PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY.

1. Women, go straight to Chapel to rehearse "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" at 7:00 with cellist, Janis Nash.
2. Men: go straight to Primary room at 7:00 pm to rehearse your pieces.
3. This week's rehearsal is at the New Brighton building - NOT at the crystal building.
4. Party after rehearsal - bring treats
5. Report to Jenny Sass if you were LATE 3 times or if you missed the make-up rehearsal to organize set-up/take-down of concerts.
6. Board Meeting at 6:00 pm in the YW room. Please have assignments completed before meeting and be ready to report.
7. I'd like to ask the octet (who sang LW #11 on Thursday) to sing "LW #9" this Thursday - if all goes well, we will have them sing #9 in the concert (I think the entire choir should sing #11 to end the piece) - anyone have strong feelings against this? It's okay if you do. If you're one of the octet members and you prefer NOT to do it, please e-mail me so I can ask someone else in your section.

1. Put music in black folders in concert order BEFORE this Thursday
2. Memorize "Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit"
3. Memorize "Liebeslieder Walzer" #11
4. Invite your friends and family to the concerts. We've got 231 fans on FB.

NEW Concert Order:
1. Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit
2. Jesus Christ the Apple Tree
3. Praise to the Lord

4. My Heavenly Father Loves Me
5. Sing Creations Music On

SOLO - Jeannine Robinett, soprano
6. Come to my Garden

7. The Pasture
8. Johnny Schmoker

9. Liebeslieder Walzer (with solo and octet)
10. Red, Red Rose
11. Loch Lomond
12. Over the Rainbow

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Hey guys! Sorry this is late!

1. Make-up rehearsal tonight at 6:00 pm. If you've missed 2 or more rehearsals, you need to be there.
2. 5/7 Rehearsal is at the Minneapolis stake center in Crystal
3. Make sure you know the German to LW #11

We greatly need your help getting the word out about the concerts! If you have a FB account, would you please invite your friends to be a fan of the MMC? If you feel uncomfortable doing this, would you please send an e-mail to your friends with an invitation or print out the pass along cards on the blog? Here's the info:

Minnesota Mormon Chorale Spring Concert: "Songs of Love, Spring and Creation"
Featuring works by Brahms, Paulus, Christiansen and many others.
Friday, May 8th, 7:30 pm at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 2801 Douglas Dr. N, Crystal
Friday, May 15th, 7:30 pm at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 100 Silver Lake Rd, New Brighton
Join us for a reception following the concert. The concert is free and open to the public. For more information, please go to:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4/16 Rehearsal and Concert Posters

AMAZING work last week! Wow! There were so many POWERFUL moments! I could feel the heart and soul you were putting into the pieces and it was moving!

Please review last week's notes below and be ready to make EVEN MORE IMPROVEMENT this Thursday. The Brahms piece needs some more work....please work on the diction before Thursday.

See the sidebar for a link to the poster and to pass along cards. Special thanks to Jon Kirkham for creating it!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Theory class

First of all, I feel bad about taking the top of the blog for this announcement, so make sure you scroll down to get the homework assignment for this week!

The final theory class of the semester will be next week on April 16. I expect you'll all be relieved that your taxes are done, so bring along a bag dinner and come to theory class! We'll be talking about the physics of sound, the harmonic series, and equal temperament. Even if you don't recognize any of those terms, or haven't been to any theory classes before, this one will be an exciting one that stands on its own. I will have some of my instruments there, including the infamous tromba marina.

6:15 in the Primary room, April 16. See you there!


Monday, April 6, 2009

4/9 Rehearsal Homework! Only 5 more to go!

Great rehearsal Thursday! Things are coming along and it's going to be an awesome concert! Did you hear what President Monson said yesterday afternoon? I don't remember his exact words but he thanked those with musical abilities for sharing them. Music brings the Spirit, uplifts the soul and communicates things that words often cannot. Anyways, I was really hoping you all heard that! You are soooooo appreciated!!!

This week's schedule follows the past 2 rehearsal schedules so I'm going to post specific things you need to work on BEFORE Thursday.

1. Easter Party - We're having a party this week after rehearsal! Altos, please don't forget your treats!
2. Make Up Rehearsal on April 23rd for those who have missed 2 rehearsals.
3. Concert Publicity: Start getting the word out about the concerts (e-mail, join FaceBook, etc.)! Remember, this is the first time we'll be performing at the Minneapolis Stake Center so we'll need to build up our audience.

1. Jesus Christ the Apple Tree: Slight lean on important words/ syllables. Dynamic contrast between verses 3 & 4. What do these verses mean to you?

2. The Pasture: KNOW your part in mm. 31-35. Practice singing the piece legato with a slight emphasis on first syllable or important words. Baritones MUST have the following measures PERFECT: mm. 15-17, mm. 31-35. (Remember, you're talking to your toddler son who really wants to go with you but is too young and falls asleep as you comfort him).

3. Johnny Schmoker: Memorize! Be able to sing backwards and forwards since you really have to in this piece!

4. Praise to the Lord: KNOW all notes from mm. 115 to end.

5. Over the Rainbow: KNOW your note where you come in at m. 11. Measures 22 and 24 need to be much more legato (phrasing needs to be like a real rainbow!). Measure 43-48 also need to be more legato - b/c of the way they are written, there is a tendency to sing them choppy but WE SHALL OVERCOME! :) Watch notes/dynamics at mm. 49-50.

6. Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit: Stay excited! Keep your energy focused and don't let the tempo or pitch sag. Sopranos: your 'E' on "Pray" at the end of the piece needs some more energy! Sadly, the pitch Sagged causing the Spirit to Scurry! :)

7. Sing Creations Music On: Work on the timing (myself included!).

8. Loch Lomond: Work on your Scottish accent. I heard a rumor that the men are not sounding very Scottish. we need to make you wear plaid skirts, men? Anyone interested in the solo?

9. Liebeslieder Walzer: Emphasis on the first beat to keep the waltz feeling and emphasize the first syllable of words - cross out the second syllable if that helps. Be ready to sing through all of the LW's!!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to some changes in guest performers, we are having to change the program around a bit. A new concert order will be posted shortly. We will not be singing "Promise of Living" or "Come to my Garden" but I do promise they'll be on a future program.