Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Concert Music (and a long side note)

I wanted to point out for anyone who was wondering that the Thanksgiving collaboration concert on Friday, November11th we will be singing just four songs. They are:

1. Peace Like A River
2. True Light
3. Home Land
4. Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing

And while I have your attention, I want to talk about the last one. Come, Thou Fount has been one of my favorite choral works for many years. I first sang it just after my voice changed. As a new tenor I felt keenly that I was prone to wander! Also, the second verse by the men is a cappella until a little after the women come in and the men tended to go flat so that when the organ came back in there was an instant key change in the middle of a phrase. The whole 1st half of the verse was prone to wander! I also made a strong connection with the idea presented throughout this song of dedicating our past good works, and our whole selves to God. At the end of every performance I felt a little more committed to letting the Lord guide my life. I trusted that with His help I could become more than a foolish awkward teenager who was prone to forgetting the Lord and neglecting his ways. If singing this song doesn't have a similar effect on you then you are singing it wrong. Come, Thou Fount has been and continues to be one of the few songs that have truly changed my life.

Best Regards,
Albin Dittli


Becca said...

haha! I totally laughed at the prone to wander bit . . . thanks for your testimony, Albin. It's one of my favorites, too.