Saturday, April 2, 2011

SECTIONALS: We worked on a new song, "GLORIA". It is part of our Easter Fireside on April 17. In measures 156-167, phrases should end on the third count in appropriate measures. There is a breath, measure 170, after "Him". Watch the crescendo/molto rit. in measure 171. Measures 172-184-the "Glo-" should have more of a "klaw" sound. SA worked on BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE BOY. We put more of a swing rhythm to this. Watch for note values. This piece needs to be memorized. Check out the link. We are adding stomping and clapping. SATB: IT'S A GRAND NIGHT FOR SINGING. Enunciate and memorize this one. Also, there is no breath measure 124. A RED, RED, ROSE. Watch the tempo change at measure 21. Watch note value. GLORIA. See above. SURE ON THIS SHINING NIGHT. Measures 27-47 SING SING SING. Memorize this one. Emphasis tonight was on entrances when different sections were tacet.