Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Fools!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for being such good sports about the April Fools joke tonight! For those who missed it, a guy that no one knows (except Marilyn) came in and acted extremely the point where he actually started giving me conducting tips!!! (By the way, he's a really nice guy and it was super nice of him to do this for me). I really thought you all could see right through the joke....but as soon as I saw how upset Larry was, I knew I scored! But I also felt bad about it because he was clearly upset. (Thanks dad for taking up for me! You ROCK! I couldn't make eye contact with you the whole time b/c I figured you knew what was going on and I was afraid to blow it!)

What happened afterwards was totally unexpected too. Many of you came up and said it was a great joke and that you felt so bad for me the whole time. I hope you know me well enough to know that it wasn't a mean spirited prank and I wasn't trying to take advantage of any good feelings you have for me (although those good feelings probably flew right out the window the second I said "April Fools"!). I sincerely appreciate the unexpected love and support you showed me and want you to know I would have "had your back" if it had happened to you.

I might retire from my April Fools pranks because I don't think I can do any better than tonight....and that's not a joke! :)



Jessica 7 said...

That's AWESOME! Great joke Erin. GO DAD - standing up for Erin!! Good thing I wasn't there - can you imagine??? Love you guys!