Monday, March 30, 2009

4/2 Rehearsal and Homework

Hey guys!
Thanks for your hard work! Keep it up!

REMINDER: 6 more rehearsals to go before the big night! I expect to see ALL of you at EVERY rehearsal from here on out. Remember, rehearsals will go until 9:30 pm now.

MAKE-UP REHEARSAL: Those who have missed 2 rehearsals are REQUIRED to attend the make-up rehearsal. It is on Thursday, April 23rd from 6-6:45 pm.

CALLING FOR SOLOISTS: We need soloists for "Loch Lomond" (TENOR preferred) and "Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit" (Soprano or Tenor). Please let me know if you're interested.

1. Men: Memorize all of “Johnny Schmoker” and “The Pasture”.
2. Women: Know all of “Sing Creations” - especially transition from m. 55 to 56, practice meter changes
3. All KNOW "Red Red Rose" and “Liebeslieder Walzer” No. 2

1. Loch Lomond (mm.. 8-19, mm. 66-end)
2. Red Red Rose (all)
3. Johnny Schmoker (all, choreography)
4. Liebeslieder Walzer, Men: no. 3
5. The Pasture - Underline important words and "lean into" them. Dynamics, phrasing (Baritones - make sure you know your part!)

1. Sing Creations Music On - mm. 34-69, All
2. Liebeslieder Walzer Women: no. 4
3. My Heavenly Father Loves Me
4. Praise to the Lord - mm. 55-89
5. Red Red Rose - all

1. Praise to the Lord - QUARTET, mm. 55-89, all
2. Ev’ry Time, Over the Rainbow, Come to my Garden
3. Liebeslieder Walzer - No. 2, 9, 11
4. Red Red Rose -all
5. Loch Lomond- mm. 28-end, quartet, all

Remember to:
Post your comments about spots you'd like to go over, thoughts about the music, etc.


Anonymous said...

I love the countdown, Erin. You are a brilliant motivator!

Anonymous said...

I just spoke to the local JW Peppers store in Hopkins. They do not carry the model 901 folder but can have it shipped to them for pickup with no extra cost for shipping. The price is $11.95 plus tax of about $0.82 each. Does anyone still need to get their folder that would like to order with me?

Bill Fauver

Jill said...

Hey Bill, if you haven't ordered yet, I'd love to order with you. Let me know!

Bill said...

I have ordered the folders for the following list of people:
Bob Johnson, Whitney Taylor, Jill Albano, Chuck, Mark, Marcus Darrington, Stacy, Joe Roshar, Donnetta Ostergren, Jill (post above) and myself. They expect to have them in by Thursday or Friday of next week. The price is $13 (saving everyone about $4-$5 each on shipping).