Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Lamb of God" by Rob Gardner

We are thrilled to announce that the Easter oratorio Lamb of God by Rob Gardner, will be presented for Easter 2012 by the Minnesota Mormon Chorale, 13 vocal soloists, 1 cello soloist, and 2 narrators. The oratorio not only tells the Easter story of the final days of the Savior's earthly ministry, but also helps us understand that meaning to us. Gardner helps us understand each person's view of those very special events, from Peter's denial and real testimony of Jesus to Mary's understanding of the blessedness of His sacrifice. Thirteen soloists bring the music and story to life. Jesus Christ is not portrayed by a singer on the stage, instead a cello soloist represents the Savior in the music, helping us feel His presence and spirit throughout.

To hear clips of the music, click on the link below, and then select PREVIEW, and listen to samples of the solos and choir: http://www.spiremusic.net/servlet/Detail?no=66.

2012 Schedule of Rehearsals and Performances
Complete rehearsal schedules for soloists, choir, cellist and narrators will be provided at the first scheduled rehearsal on Thursday, January 19th, and will be posted on
this blog.

Performance date is currently scheduled for Sunday, March 25th. Additional performances may be scheduled. Check here again for a final performance schedule announcement.

Soloist auditions will be scheduled with the director and will be selected by Thursday, February 2.

Auditions - Vocal and Instrumental Soloists
Musicians of all faiths in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas are invited to participate in Lamb of God. The performance is being hosted by the Minnesota Mormon Chorale, but all are welcome to attend as performers or as audience. All vocal and instrumental positions are volunteer only, with no paid positions. Participation is through audition only. Vocal and instrumental soloists should be prepared to audition with a song that shows their range and technique as a soloist.

Soloist Auditions: Thursday, Jan 26 6-7 pm & 9-10 pm), Other date(s) as needed
Audition times on Jan 26 should be scheduled by sending an email and a preferred hour for auditioning 6-7 pm or 9-10 pm to director@mnmormonchorale.org or calling Director Erin Gray, at 763.229.7651. Those without audition appointments will be scheduled as time permits. Please note that all soloists may be asked to also learn the choir parts and sing as part of the choir in this ensemble-type performance.

Soloist parts needed (in order of appearance):

: Baritone
Thomas, the Apostle: Tenor (tender, high G# required)
John, the Apostle: Tenor (lyrical voice, high G required)
Peter, the Apostle: Tenor (high B required)
Martha, sister of Lazarus: Mezzo-Soprano
Mary of Bethany: Contralto (low F# required)
Judas: Bass (strong E above middle C required)
Mary, the Mother: Alto (low G required)
False Witness: Tenor
Maid: Mezzo-Soprano or Alto
Damsel: Mezzo-Soprano or Alto
Pilate: Tenor (strong upper range required with consistent high F and G)
Mary Magdalene: Lyric Soprano (high A-flat required)

Cello soloist: the cello soloist represents Jesus Christ in the music and should be capable of carrying a strong and expressive cello voice throughout the oratorio.