Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26, 2012 Rehearsal Notes

Hey everyone! Great rehearsal tonight! I am so excited for our concerts this semester!!

So, first of all, just a super reminder that we are having a required rehearsal this Saturday morning starting at 9:00, so please be at the church before then so we are ready to go on time. Also, it is potluck, so please bring something yummy to share.

For those of you who are new to the Chorale, I try to update this blog after every rehearsal so that if you had to miss rehearsal, you can come here and get notes on what we covered that day.

In sectionals we worked on Lamb of God first. We went over parts for #2a Art Thou He, #2c He Was Despised, #4a/b I Am The Resurrection, #6 Hosanna, #7 The Last Supper and #8 Gethsemane. We worked on pronunciation of the Hebrew words. We need to pay special attention to the movement of the songs, especially when we need to increase in intensity or decrease to a whisper.

We then started working on My Soul's Been Anchored. This is a Spiritual piece, so the pronunciation of some words (Lord is Lawd) is key. We worked on mm.1-47.

Then we worked up to letter E in Little Potato. We need to make sure to get the rhythms right so when we all practice together it will sound awesome!

I am so grateful to everyone for working so hard during rehearsals and making this a great experience for all! Also, one more quick reminder: make sure to practice your music at home so that it comes easier for you during rehearsal. Thanks! See you all on Saturday!