Friday, September 14, 2012

Sep. 13, 2012 Rehearsal notes

In Sectionals we worked on When Johnny Comes Marching Home, While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks, Virgin Mary and Cindy.

In Johnny, the women worked on pronouncing Johnny witha Ch- at te it's Chonny. We need to make sure our vowels are tall and that we enunciate.

On Virgin Mary, we rehearsed, mm. 66-96. We need to be sure to note where the staccato notes are throughout the piece and be sure to cut off right away when we sing those notes. We need to have a darker  sound in our voices. We worked on getting our rhythms correct as well as notes.

On Cindy, we figured out who is going to be singing in Choir 1 and Choir 2, so there should be no more confusion. This piece will be memorized.

In SATB, we worked on Johnny, Gloria In Excelsis Deo, The Hands That First Held Mary's Child, and Cindy.

On Mary's Child, we worked on mm. 66-96. Erin had us circle the first and third syllables of most measures so that we can stress the important words. In four four time, the first and third syllables are usually stressed more than the second and fourth. In mm. 70, w need  change the quarter note on side to an eighth note with an eighth rest because there will be a quick break. In mm. 72 we need to change the dotted half note to a half note with a quarter rest. There is a breath afte the word anger in mm 73. In mm. 76 Erin is going to have us break after we sing Let Us, so pay attention to her at this point because she will be stretching out the phrase. We need to be sure in mm. 78 to not breathe between the words "hold" and "the." It is also very important to be completely in unison for the final phrase  starting in measure 84.

We worked on the ending of Cindy. Erin had us imagine a church revival when we sing the Hallelu! (choir 1) We need to be sure to enunciate during this section as well (choir 2).

We were so blessed to have Presidnt Wiberg come speak to us before rehearsal, and I am so grateful for his words. He reminded us that what we are doing is so very important and we do touch lives, even if we don't see it right now. He said that we have become a resource to the Church and we will be called upon to perform more often. He is such a sweet man and he will be missed when he gets released.