Friday, April 13, 2012

April 12, 2012 Rehearsal Notes

Okay, so one final reminder that the Temple Devotional Fireside is this Sunday, April 15, at the Oakdale building and call time is 5pm. The pieces we will be performing are Lamb of God #4 and #12, Consider the Lilies, and Pilgrim Song.

The Makeup rehearsal will be held next Thursday, April 19 at 6pm. Also, after next week's rehearsal, there will be a spring party which the altos and basses are in charge of treats. Let's bring it!!

I also need 6-8 ushers for the spring concert, so if any of your family members are available and willing, please let me know asap. Thanks!

So during sectionals, the women reviewed For the Beauty and the men reviewed Pirate Song. Then we went over It Takes a Village. In mm. 1-20 we do a heartbeat rhythm with one palm on our chest. We reviewed the entire piece after that, working hard on getting the rhythms correct. Then we worked on the stomp/clap in Cindy. It's a little tricky, so be sure to practice this at home (along with your other pieces of music). Then we did some spot checking with Little Potato, making sure our entrances aren't timid and making sure we are getting the correct rhythms.

In SATB we worked on Little Potato, Consider the Lilies and It Takes a Village. We also did a quick runthrough of Lamb of God #4.

Have a great week, everybody!