Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rehearsal Summary 3 Feb 2011

A few days late, but here are my notes from February 3rd:

Sopranos: please bring treats for our Valentine's Party this Thursday

Every Knee should Bow - Sing KLAW-ri for glor-y, accent Christ in measure 36 and flip the r, sing Lawd for Lord, take a breath in measure 49, in measures 38 through 41 as each voice comes in we should accent the first word "to". We worked on measures 28 to the end.

Hosanna - We worked on measures 29 to 50. Watch for the accents and dynamics. In measure 35 (and in other places where the same structure appears, m.53, m.76, m.62?, m.66?, others?) the first note will be shorter than written so that there is a little space after it.

This is the Christ - We worked on measures 27 to the end. There is no breath in measures 37, 40, 44 and 46. Sing legato in measure 42.

Saints Bound for Heaven - We worked on measures 40 to the end. In measures 41-43, and 55-56 we are singing all the notes marcato and short (not full value). In measures 44-48 and 57-59 we continue singing marcato but give the notes full value.

Sure On This Shining Night - My only notes say that we started at letter D. Erin challenged us to figure out what the song is about.

Balm In Gilead - We are singing Gilead to rhyme with Iliad. On page 6 sing the "If you can't ..." lines with energy. As this phrase continues over onto page 8 we should all sing as with one voice (per section). Also at the bottom of page 6 we should accent the word Paul. Erin mentioned a particularly inspiring talk by President Packer on the Balm of Giliead. After a little research I found that he originally gave the talk in 1977, but repeated much of the talk in 1987.