Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rehearsal Summary 28 Oct 2010

Dear Choir,

Here are my notes from rehearsal today.

Witness - See below

African Noel - See below

Carols of the Night - We have performed this number in past years. We reviewed (sight read for some) the O Holy Night verse which makes up the first half of the song.

Go Where I Send Thee - This is also a returning number. We sight read the whole song.

Combined rehearsal:
Witness - We worked on the entire piece, but focused on pages 2, 3, 5, and measure 58 to the end. We worked on pronunciation. The t in Witness should not be harsh. In fact Erin asked us to almost make it into a d. Also the vowel sound in the second syllable should be a short u as in the word "up" instead of a short e as in the word "end". We should emphasize the f in "wife" in measure 61.

How Can I Keep From Singing - We rehearsed the entire song but we spend most of our time on measures 51 to the end. The most note worthy thing from tonight's work was the word "can". Every time we sing "How can I keep ...", the emphasis should be on "can". We have to suppress the tendency to emphasis "how".

African Noel - We worked on the choreography. In some parts we move our feet in a right-left-left-right pattern. In some parts we do things with our hands and arms. These are both done facing forward or to the side at various parts of the song. If you missed it then you will just have to come to rehearsal next week and get the full version, because it is beyond my ability to describe in blog post. (I suppose my description of the choreography could fit almost anything. Oh well. The blog can't replace rehearsal.) Again, this song has to be memorized.

As before, I only have information about the men's sectional. If you have something to add (about any part of the rehearsal) please comment below.

Albin Dittli


Michels Family said...

If you click on the African Noel song at the side of this page it will take you to youtube and the choir that is performing it is doing the same choreography. Just in case you want to practice it, I would suggest clicking on it...