Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dropped the Ball & Apologies

I'm so sorry folks, I completely dropped the ball on practice cd's this semester. They take so much time to make that I kept putting them off for when I had time but now I'm to the point where it's so late in the semester that I wonder if they would even be helpful? Please use the links on this blog as I really believe they are extremely helpful. A BIG thanks to those of you who have updated me on links that no longer work or have mistakes. I'm glad to know that some of you are using the links and hope you find them helpful!

Thanks to those who gave me feedback on last week's rehearsal, specifically on "Hymn of Praise #1" - I'm sorry if it felt like I was scolding you. I was trying to express my disappointment that it didn't go as well as I thought it could have and I also wanted everyone to know that I was serious when I gave #1 as an assignment a few weeks ago. I realize that singing it all together in SATB is definitely different from singing it on your own or with your section or even with one other group...I will definitely take that into consideration during our SATB rehearsals. I am very sorry if I made anyone feel bad. Please know that I love this choir!


Suzan said...

i would use a practice cd and would love to help you get them ready, Suzan

Albin S Dittli said...

In response to the question last night about putting the Mendelssohn MIDIs on an MP3 player: it is possible. You have to download the files first and then convert them to mp3 format. In Firefox you can download by right-clicking on the file and selecting "Save Link As..." and other browsers would have something similar. Converting the files to mp3 format is a little trickier. Search Google for "midi to mp3" and you will find in the first 5 results one online converter and at least two down-loadable free trial software packages that claim they can do the conversion. I haven't tried any of them yet, so I can't vouch for the quality of the conversion. Perhaps someone with more experience can weigh in on the discussion.

JoAnne Dittmer Photography said...

Thanks Albin. I right clicked, "save link as" dragged and dropped directly into itunes and it's on there! Yeah!