Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10/8 Rehearsal & Concert this Friday, 10/9

Here's the schedule for this week's rehearsal:

EFY MEDLEY - Please staple your music before Thursday and have it in your black folder.

Women: Gloria
Loch Lomond - 2nd sops mm. 20-44
Men: Johnny Schmoker - all
Balulalow - review tenor rhythm
Here we come a-caroling - mm. 7-34
Dormi Jesu - mm. review mm. 25-end
Once in Royal David’s City - Women: mm. 13-24, Men: mm. 25-36
Rejoice, Rejoice This Happy Morn - review all
O Come, O Come Emmanuel - review all

Loch Lomond
Dormi Jesu
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Nutcracker Jingles

8:50 pm in the YW Room, Sopranos bringing treats

9:00 pm. with Barb

CONCERT on Friday 10/9:
CALL TIME: 6:00 pm
Concert Dress, Black Folders, White gloves (men)
St. Paul Stake Center, New Brighton


Anonymous said...

Erin--a soprano question:Dormi Jesu, p. 3, measure 7. There's no "la" on our last 32nd (?!) notes, so it's "lul-lo" instead of "lul-la-lo". On the listening sample they do sing a "la" there. Shall we add a "la" or sing it as written? It means a lot to me....


Erin said...

Hey Melody!

So great to see that this blog is being used!!! Thanks for the question...I'm so glad you spotted it. It is a misprint and should have the "la" on the 32nd notes of m. 7. You get extra credit!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Being new to MMC, I greatly appreciate the practice lists. During the week I practice those pieces first. Then I line up my music before practice so I have an easy time grabbing what's next. Thank you for putting samples on the blog.

Kate McWilliams said...

My voice misses having a good technical warm up at the beginning of rehearsals. I like the hymn singing, but don't find myself stretched to new boundaries as I have in the past.

Chuck said...

Hello all!

Thanks for a great night on Friday. The entire program was wonderful. I loved the celebration of music and was grateful to be a part of it.

Now we can hunker down and concentrate fully on our Christmas program. We have a number of challenging pieces, but once we conquer the technical obstacles, we can explore just how beautiful this music will be to perform.

Just a reminder to the men... please, please, PLEASE take advantage of the practice cd's as well as the song links posted here... esp 'Balulalow', 'Here We Come a-Carling' and 'Dormi Jesu'. The more you listen to them, the greater your "music memory" will be!

I'm grateful for all of you and your willingness to be a part of this choir. I'm honored to sing with you each week! If there is anything I can do to better serve you, please let me know.


Sean said...

Hey, where is everybody? Looking for posts, comments, signs of life, etc. Here's my comment: I love to sing in the MMC!

Albin S Dittli said...

I agree with Kate about warm ups.

Consider this allegory.
A certain woman (Erin) was walking through the forest when came suddenly to a clearing. In the clearing were a fair number of small cabins. When she entered the first one she found that it was dark inside except for a small patch in the center of the room that was illuminated through a hole in the roof. She also found a fire place in that light patch. Realizing that the hole in the roof was for the smoke to escape, she built a fire. The light of the fire illuminated a larger area and she found that the cabin had one very dirty room. She began cleaning around the fire and continued to build up the fire. As the fire grew she cleaned further out until the large fire illuminated even the darkest corners and she cleaned out the cobweb filled corners.

The cabins represent our voices. The lighted patch in the middle of the room is the part of our voice that we use to speak and is already warmed up when we arrive at choir. The cleaning and building up the fire to light the entire room represent expanding the working range of our voices and reviewing the fundamentals of singing.

Chuck said...

sooo...are you trying to tell me I have a dirty mouth?