Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's FINALLY here!

Hooooraaayyyyyy! It's cool to see "1 day" on the countdown widget! Here are some notes for tonight:

  • REMEMBER: We're at the Crystal building (2801 Douglas Dr N, Crystal, MN) for rehearsal (7-9:30 pm).
  • Men, please go straight to the chapel to rehearse with Susan S. and Fred Larson (clarinet) on "The Pasture".
  • Women, please go to the RS room or another available room with piano to rehearse with Susan Quick. The runs on "Praise to the Lord" are still a bit messy. Please make them more light and bouncy.
  • Jon Kirkham is bringing the programs so we can look over them to see if any changes need to be made.
  • The set-up is quite different so we'll be changing the seating. Will have a new seating chart at rehearsal.
  • The first part of rehearsal, we'll be rehearsing certain spots in pieces. Then, we'll have a run-through (with hopefully minimal stopping/starting).
  • Call time is 6:00 pm - that means all responsibilities are taken care of BEFORE that time and you're up on the stand ready to go! :)

Thanks for your hard work! You guys ROCK!